IN-MOULD-LABELING (IML) is a hightly advanced technique of decorating plastic articles. With the IML technology containers and lids made out of polypropylene and other materials can be indection (moulded) and decorated in one single operation. The photographic decoration with the same composition as the actual packing material can be printed on the plastic film.High-gloss, dull or "NO-LABEL-LOOK", which means transparent, are three defferent design possibilities for the foil.

The special printed film is inserted directly into the injection mould with the help pf a special mechanism.

The result is a finished , decorated article produced in production process without the need of additional printing or labeling. This makes it possible to manufacture packaging consisting of single material yel exhibiting all the characteristies required of perfect packaging. It is environmentally compatable, hygienic and ideal for foodstuff as well as NON-FOOD items.


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